Russia ,America and the hidden third [syrian truce and failure]

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US blames Russia for Syria convoy attack; Moscow points to terrorists. By Barbara Starr ...
U.S., Russia Spar Over Syria at U.N.
Wall Street Journal - 1 day ago
Russian aircraft believed to hit Syria convoy, U.S. officials say
Reuters - 2 days ago

Pentagon says Russian jet likely to blame for attack on aid convoy in ...
2 days ago - The United States and other nations insisted the cease-fire is not dead, ... The United Nations suspended aid convoys across Syria after an ... to blame Russia and Syria for the shelling of a humanitarian convoy in Syria.”.

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Moscow reacted furiously Tuesday to "unsubstantiated" accusations from the United States ...
The "unsubstantiated, hasty accusations" seemed designed to "distract attention from the strange 'error' of coalition pilots," said the statement, referring to the US-led coalition which struck a Syrian army position at the weekend killing dozens of soldiers.

The Russian military, which is investigating the incident, said that footage from activists at the scene showed damage to the vehicles that did not appear to come from an air strike or other munitions.

Instead, the fire that tore through the convoy happened "strangely at the same time insurgents were carrying out a large-scale attack on Aleppo," defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.

Konashenkov said Russian drones had followed the convoy until it successfully delivered its load, but had stopped surveillance after that.
"All information on the convoy's location (after that) was known only to the rebels controlling this area," he said.

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pentagon vs obama vs cia -from internet news

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Sep 13, 2016 - Secretary of State John Kerry, left, and Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov .... Mr. Carter reflects the inherent conflict in Mr. Obama's Syria policy.

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Russia hosted secret meeting with Syria and USA before meeting with Netanyahu?

Putin and Assad reportedly discussed the possibility of a comprehensive agreement with Israel including the Golan Heights.

As I reported recently, many people in the intelligence community, particularly those in the Middle East are certain that there is some kind of secret deal in place between Russia and the USA regarding the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. We have no clear evidence of this, just strong suspicions.
However, we may have uncovered a strong piece of circumstantial evidence of such a deal in this report of a secret meeting held in Moscow in early June between Putin, Assad and US representatives prior to the publicised meeting between Putin and Netanyahu.
Why hold a secret meeting if not to discuss secret deals? The participation of the US makes it doubly suspicious. 
If this secret meeting did in fact take place as reported, then it is hugely significant both to the Syrian conflict and to the wider picture that includes Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel.
Syrian President Bashar Assad secretly visited Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, just days before the latter met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in June, Lebanese newspaper Al-Joumhouria reported Thursday.
Putin and Assad discussed the crisis in Syria as well as the possibility of a comprehensive agreement with Israel, including the Golan Heights, Al-Joumhouria reported, however the Kremlin denied the report.
The Lebanese paper also reported that the American government was involved in the secret meeting.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will reportedly be part of the process on an overall regional plan when it is presented to him during an upcoming visit to Moscow on August 9.
Syrian news agency SANA also reported Thursday that Assad has issued a decree granting amnesty to all rebels who turn in their weapons to Syrian authorities.
“Assad called on the rebels to lay down their arms and return to the homeland,” SANA reported.
Assad also called on all Syrians to stand together as one alongside the Syrian army and to eradicate the roots of terrorism.
“This is an opportunity for all those who bore arms against the regime to show their will to belong to the Syrian homeland and to join the re-establishment of the state,” SANA quoted Assad as saying.

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Sep 11, 2016 - US, Russia hail breakthrough to put peace process back on track, including nationwide ceasefire effective from Monday.
Sep 10, 2016 - A US-Russia deal over a ceasefire in Syria has been cautiously welcomed ... For that reason, he said, much of the detail would remain secret to ...

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who is the hidden hand ?
pentagon  influenced by the former?
saudi supported fighters?