Waffen SS In Action

Waffen SS In Action

SS troops in action in Narva

A German war correspondent with the Waffen SS soldiers seen before Battle of Kursk. SS-Obersturmführer Friedrich Kriegsberichter Zschäckel was a veteran war reporter who went first with SS Panzer Division "Das Reich" in the attack towards Moscow in 1941. In early 1942 he was with the Division "Nord" and then stayed in France with "Leibstandarte" in the summer of the same year. In 1943 he joined with "Totenkopf" during the battle at Kharkov, and then came back with "Das Reich"during Kursk. In 1944 he was with "Hitlerjugend" in Normandy, and is believed to have died in October 1944 (a German documents collected along with archival sheet at the U.S. National Archives say the exact same thing: "believed to have died in October 1944" without any additional information). Zschäckel won the Iron Cross Class 1, and was promoted to Obersturmführer on 20 April 1943. This made him one of the highest ranked Waffen-SS war photographer, who went covered most fronts and divisions! The photo above shows  Zschäckel in an anti-tank trench during the first days of Operation Zitadelle July 1943. This photo was taken by SS-KB Hermann Groenert serving with the division "Totenkopf".
A Waffen SS motor-cyclist from Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Division digs a grave to bury a dead comrade

A Waffen SS lieutenant gives a light to one of his men. Camaraderie and less emphasis on ranks marked the Waffen SS culture

A squad leader gives orders to his men at the beginning of Barbarossa. Not that the Waffen SS men are armed with outdated Mauser 1898 rifle.

SS men of Liebstandarte Division during the battle for Kherson

SS soldiers in a trench in 1944

SS men examine a T-34 tank

A soldier is offered milk by a local in the Soviet Union. Stalin was unpopular in many places.

Devil-may-care men from the Totenkopf Division

 Moving forward cautiously as Russian tanks burn....

Patching up a wounded comrade. Men from Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend) Division

A sobering moment. SS men dig a grave as a dead comrade awaits burial. 1940

The SS men carry their wounded comrade. Supposedly from the 5th Panzer Grenadier Division of the SS "Viking"

SS men with Ukrainian girls. Love (or sex!) is in the air.

Waffen SS troops fire mortar in Budapest. 1944.

Refuge in a trench. in the middle is a Soviet POW

Scorched Earth Policy on the Ostfront. Waffen SS men burn a Russian village as they withdraw

The friendlier face of the Waffen SS. A soldier socialises with a Russian girl as their hosts ply them with food.

A unit of Waffen SS in the last months of the war. The SS soldiers remained fighters to the end. They were perhaps the best soldiers the world has seen

Waffen SS soldiers fire the formidable German 88mm gun. It acted both as a tank-buster and as anti-aircraft gun.
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