Elite Waffen SS Soldiers: TOTENKOPF: 3rd SS Panzer Division

Elite Waffen SS Soldiers: TOTENKOPF: 3rd SS Panzer Division

This Waffen SS Division has a tainted history because initially its soldiers were recruited from concentration camps. But that does not alter the fact that men of the 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf Division were some of the toughest soldiers Germany (Perhaps the world) produced.

There are instances that Totenkopf committed atrocities. in war it is not all black and white; There are grey areas. There is a thin line between ruthlessness and inhumanity....

Totenkopf in action in Iassy, Romania. 1944. To stop the Russian assault.
During Operation Konrad 2 in Hungary, 1945

Totenkopf construction unit

Theodor Eicke, the brilliant commander of the Totenkopf

Death notice of Theodor Eicke. He was killed in 1943 in Russia during fighting
The Totenkopf Division in 1941. Early days of Barbarossa

In a Kubelwagen in Russia

The soldier displays the division's logo, the "Death's Head"

During Barbarossa

A medic examines a wounded motorcyclist from the reconnaissance battalion of the SS Division "Totenkopf".

A soldier from SS Division "Totenkopf" with artillery range finder

Totenkopf on the streets of Kharkov (March 1943)

Kharkov again
Men from Totenkopf on the move in Russia

The aggressive highly motivated soldiers. It shows in the eyes.
The tough men at Kursk

The tough training regimen of the future Totenkopf soldiers
With Russian POW

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