social media and Tower of babel syndrome

Twitter's tribes 'have their own languages'

Twitter users can be grouped into communities based on the language they use in their updates, scientists have found.

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The use of common language allows Twitter users to quickly identify like-minded people, according to researchers from Royal Hollway, University of London and Princeton University.
The scientists analysed 75 million tweets from 189,000 Twitter users to find words that were used a lot by one group but relatively rarely by everyone else. They then produced a 'map' of Twitter's communities, made up of those with common interests, careers, political views or ethnicities.
Dr John Bryden, of Royal Hollway, said: "By looking at the language someone uses, it is possible to predict which community he or she is likely to belong to, with up to 80 per cent accuracy."
Once they had discovered the communities, the scientists then examined the different ways they used language.
"When we started to apply John's ideas, surprising groups started to emerge that we weren't expecting," Dr Sebastian Funk, from Princeton, said. "One 'anipals' group was interested in hosting parties to raise funds for animal welfare."

Tower of Babel:-

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