"Now as the pope is Argentinian;-"Hand of God"- Diego Maradona

 Diego Maradona - The Hand of God goal (Mano de Dios)

Even though more than 75% of of Argentinians describe themselves as Catholic, less than 10% regularly attend the mass.; 

dampened the spirits in Brazil,

 social media sites in Brazil were crammed with jokes, reflecting the rivalry between the two South American nations. "The pope may be Argentinian but the god is Brazilian," said a post which was shared by hundreds. "Now as the pope is Argentinian, the Brazilians will stop being Catholics," said a popular tweet.

When the Pope divided the Americas betweencolonial  Spain and colonial Portugal- 



The Treaty of Tordesillas

[ treaty  to seperate 2 looting marauding colonial nations]

Just months after Christopher Columbus returned to Europe from his maiden voyage to the New World, the Spanish-born Pope Alexander VI gave Spain a head-start in the quest for domination over newly discovered regions of the world.
The Pope decreed that all lands discovered west of a meridian 100 leagues (one league is 3 miles or 4.8 km) west of the Cape Verde Islands should belong to Spain while new lands discovered east of that line would belong to Portugal. This papal bull also specified that all lands already under the control of a "Christian prince" would remain under that same control.
This limiting line made Portugal angry. King John 2 of portugal

 negotiated with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain 

to move the line to the west. King John's rationale to Ferdinand and Isabella was that the Pope's line extends all around the globe, thus limiting Spanish influence in Asia.

Map of the Treaty of Tordesillas
On June 7, 1494 Spain and Portugal met at Tordesillas, Spain and signed a treaty moved the line 270 leagues west, to 370 leagues west of Cape Verde. This new line (located at approximately 46° 37') gave Portugal more claim to South America yet also provided Portugal with automatic control over most of the Indian Ocean.
  Brazil's Portuguese-speaking population is a result of the Treaty of Tordesillas.

 Argentina is predominantly a Spanish-speaking country

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