Vintage cars calendar for 2013

JAIPUR: A calendar is not just a chronological display of dates and months. Come January, and the most sought after thing is a good stylish calendar on your desk top. The rage for New Year calendars may have begun with the hot exotic Kingfisher models staring you at your workstation, but that's a thing of the past. Ever since New Year calendars have been quick to adopt new themes, styles and designs. For as they say perhaps, a calendar is the only changed thing on the eve of a new year that lasts till its end.
Keeping up with the trend, and based on what Rajasthan can pride itself on, United Restoration, specialist in restorations and re-creation of historic vintage vehicle bodywork in the state since several years is coming up with a limited edition of a vintage cars calendar for 2013, printing only 1000 copies to be circulated across the country.
"Rajasthan past is inextricably linked with its present. Dedicating this year's calendar to vintage cars is an endeavour to cherish the memories of old vintage cars with our community. The 'Heritage Calendar 2013' is aimed to restoring the heritage culture of the state and present the glimpse of the past to the future generations," said Himanshu Jangid from United Restorations Pvt. Ltd.
Design is another appealing aspect of this calendar. "This year we are planning to cover 12 vintage beauties with a purpose to create awareness about the heritage automobile industry so as the next generation can also be the part of this cars to cherish ," said Jangid.
Among the vintage beauties to be featured would be Mercedes 290 Pullman 1936, Jaguar 1947 Mark 4, Cadillac 1947, Jaguar 1936 Stype, Mercedes 200, Mercedes 290 1936, Triumph 1953 TR3, MG TC 1947, Morgan 1951, Chevy Two Ten 1957, Triumph Roadster 1947 and Jaguar 1963.
The cars set against the backdrop of forts and exotic locales in the state have been shot by by Nitin Singh and Vivek Sharma specialists in automobile photography from Canada.