Merck Vaccine Expert tells Truth about Vaccine Dangers



Uploaded by on Jul 31, 2009; This is a really intriguing interview with one of the most prestigious Vaccine Experts in America. He pioneered the research for more vaccine breakthroughs than any other scientist in American History. He now shares the Truth of the Dangers he found in Vaccines. If anyone would know the truth, this expert would. What he has to say is very important!! This and various other documented testimonies and studies stand to contest that vaccines, indeed, are not safe!
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  • You're right this ISN'T funny!, it's very serious!!
    You want to see something funny on vaccines?... watch "funny video on flu vaccine ingredients" in our channel.

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Bamr Mann
  • The segement needs to be subtitled properly and in smaller, readable font so we know all the bs that is being said. The hosts talk and laugh over the guest; most impolite and annoying. 
  • The hosts need to be shot.
  • Except now its vaccines for stupid chicken pox and in some places 1 in 55 boys with debilitating autism.
  • Even these terrible admissions are not as damning as people want to make them out to be. If you prevent millions of people from suffering, being disabled, and dying from one virus, but at the same time put them at an elevated risk of dying from cancer many more years down the road, well, it comes down to math. Save 100 000 lives from polio but cause 500 excess deaths from leukemia, or avoid the 500 leukemia patients (not all of which would die), but allow the 100 000 polio deaths now
  • do you watch you tube to moan, or learn, or just to air your inner, grump ???
  • Great interview, but why did you add the laugh track? - makes you guys look either stupid, high or drunk.
  • is that voice at the beginning Dr Michio Kakou?