Eric's life before and after the Vaccine


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  • 1955- Doctors of National Institutes 4 Health avoid Salk vax 4 themselves. Experimenting with 1,200 monkeys they declare Salk vax worthless preventative & danger to take. Massachusetts reports 624% increase polio after Salk vax began & bans sale. 1956- 17 States reject govt supplied Salk vax. Censorship imposed on reporting Salk vax damage. 1957- Newspapers report corporate profits over $5 Billion 4 Salk vax. 1958- Verdict of $147,000 against Cutter Labs 4 crippling children with Salk vax.
  • The drug company makes a lot of cash And there is a whole economy based on looking after these kids.We live in a sad world ...