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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Girl, 4, found hiding in car under bodies of family, shot dead in French Alps resort of Lake Annecy 

A traumatized 4-year-old British girl was found after hiding for more than eight hours under the bodies of her dead family inside a BMW in the French Alps where they had been shot to death under still mysterious circumstances.

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An emergency services vehicle arrives in Chevaline, near Lake Annecy,  following the shooting of a British family.


An emergency services vehicle arrives in Chevaline, near Lake Annecy, following the shooting of a British family.

A 4-year-old British girl was found “frozen” in fear Thursday, hiding for more than eight hours among the bodies of her dead family, who had been shot to death inside a car in an idyllic French Alps vacation spot.
The young girl was physically unharmed but traumatized, according to French authorities, who found her father, mother, and grandmother gunned down in a BMW packed with vacation clothes.
The girl’s 7-year-old sister is fighting for her life after suffering multiple gunshot wounds and a cracked skull. The wounded girl was found outside the car, and close to her, a passing bicyclist had been shot dead.
The man in the driver's seat of the BMW was identified by a police source as Saad al-Hilli, 50, who was born in Baghdad but was a resident in Claygate, Surrey in the southeast of England, AFP reported.
The horrific attack near Lake Annecy, France, has shocked residents and visitors to the affluent mountain resort.
“We have never seen such horror on our doorstep before,” said local mayor Didier Berthollet.
Detectives are still uncertain as to motive, but they are examining multiple angles — including a contract killing, robbery, or “family drama,” the London Evening Standard reported.

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A gendarme blocks access to site where people were four people were shot to death near, including the parents and grandmother of a 4-year-old girl who was found alive inside a BMW with the bodies of her family.

The 4-year-old child had been huddling under the legs of her dead mother, not moving, until authorities found her eight hours after the shootings.
"The little girl spoke English. She heard noises, shouts but she can't tell us any more than that. She is only 4-years-old,” prosecutor Eric Maillaud said at a press conference.
It took hours for police to detect the child inside the vehicle as they carefully examined the car trying to preserve forensic evidence.

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Journalists gather at the Claygate house believed to be owned by a British family murdered in a shooting in the French Alps.

“When the investigators got into the car they discovered a little girl, who was frozen still and uninjured,” Maillaud said.
The slain cyclist was identified as Sylvain Mollier, a local and the father of three. His wife reported him missing Wednesday evening.
Investigators believe he might have been gunned down after witnessing the family being shot.
The eldest woman in the car had both a Swiss and an Iraqi passport, officials said.
Police said it was too early to determine what kind of gun was used in the attack.

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