Star Trek-like device can beam holograms-now i hope somebody will configure image with on line touch to make internet virtual body contact.

Forget video conferencing, a newly developed system lets users interact with life-sized three dimensional holographs. The device could also be used as an interactive 3D anatomy model

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Posted On Saturday, May 05, 2012 at 02:18:27 AM

A Queen’s University researcher has created a Star Trek-like human-scale 3D conferencing pod that allows people in different locations to video conference as if they are standing in front of each other. “Why Skype when you can talk to a life-size 3D holographic image of another person?” says Roel Vertegaal, of the Human Media Lab.

The tech Vertegaal and his team have developed is called TeleHuman and looks like something from the Star Trek holodeck. Two people simply stand infront of their own life-size cylindrical pods and talks to a 3D hologram-like images of each other. Cameras capture and track 3D video and convert into the life-size image. Since the 3D video image is visible 360 degrees around the Pod, the person can walk around it to see the other person’s side or back.

While the tech may seem like it comes from a galaxy far, far away, it’s not as complicated as most would think.

Vertegaal and his team used mostly existing hardware — including a 3D projector, a 1.8 metre-tall translucent acrylic cylinder and a convex mirror.

The researchers used the same Pod to create another application called BodiPod, which presents an interactive 3D anatomy model of the human body. The model can be explored 360 degrees around the model through gestures and speech interactions.

When people approach the Pod, they can wave in thin air to peel off layers of tissue.


the next richest man will be the person who configure how to configure and make a reality of "virtual touch" with "virtual hologram".


2019-Predictions made by Ray Kurzweil:-

Devices that deliver sensations to the skin surface of their users (i.e.--tight body suits and gloves) are also sometimes used in virtual reality to complete the experience. "Virtual sex"--in which two people are able to have sex with each other through virtual reality, or in which a human can have sex with a "simulated" partner that only exists on a computer—becomes a reality.