The hunt - British hobby during colonial rule

Old Asian Hunting Photos

Gaur Hunt - unknown

Maharajah of Bikaneer with his 200th tiger, 1939.

Rhino hunt in Nepal.

Rhino Hunt, possibly Maharajah Citarakhan of Nepal.

Lord and Lady Curzon with tiger shot in India, 1903.

Father and son native tiger hunt, India 1930s.

Indian hunter with a Himalayan black bear, 1930s.

Nepal, butchered rhinos

Lord and Lady Cuzon, governor of India in 1903 with tiger.

Prince of Wales, after his tiger hunt.

Skinning a tiger.

Male Javan rhino shot on 31 January 1934 at Sindangkerta in West Java. Specimen is preserved in the Zoological Museum of Buitenzorg (Bogor, Indonesia).

European hunter with a dead Javan rhinoceros, 1895, Java Island.

Borneo, 1925 - Captain George L. Anderson with a Javan Rhinoceros in Sandakan region of Sarawak.

Cambodia, 1930 - William Duckworth with a Javan Rhino.

Sumatra, 1952. From T. Schilling, Tijgermensen van Anai with trophy Sumatran rhino and native guides.

The Man-Eater of Champawat.
The Champawat Tiger is a legendary female Bengal Tiger. She is allegedly responsible for more then 400 human deaths in Nepal and the Kumaon area of India in the early 20th century. This tiger was often seen roaming the streets outside populated villages and would even try to break into huts. She was shot the day after killing a 16-year-old girl. Even today there remains a “cement board” marking the place where the tiger fell in Champawat town. An autopsy revealed that the tiger had broken upper and lower canine teeth on the right side of her mouth, which is often the case with man-eating animals. As humans are easier forms of prey. Around the same time the Panar Leopard was terrorizing people in the Kumaon District of Northern India. This male leopard is also alleged to have killed around 400 citizens, striking utter fear in the parents and children of many small villages. Both of these animals were hunted down and killed by legendary big cat hunter and author Jim Corbett. Corbett was an Indian-born British conservationist who was extremely talented at stalking and killing man-eaters. These two animals are widely regarded as the most deadly of all time.

N.A. Baikov, a lifetime member of the Society of Study of the Manchurian territory, the author of the book "In mountains and woods of Manchuria", St.-Petersburg,1915. Posing with a Manchurian tiger trophy at home.

A man-eater hunted in India by John Stoddard with natives, 1890s. Published in "India - 13 volumes" by John L. Stoddard in 1901.

Jim Corbet and the man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag, India.

"The Mother Of Evil" , terror of the hills, the man eating tigreass of Tallades, shot by Jim Corbet.

King George V of Britain, mounted on elephant during a shikar in Nepal, 1911.

Bird shooting party in Mandalay, western Burma, 1885.

King George V, mounted on elephant, departing for a shikar.

A massive tiger hunt organized by Maharajah of Alwar in 1926 for his British guests: a dozen elephants and aproximately 300 people involved.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on tiger hunt in India, 1961.