Russia (Soviet Union) During Second World War: 1942

September, 1942. Russians in action.

September, 1942: A tank battle at night.

October, 1942. Russian guerrillas preparing for a mission. Leningrad area.

November, 1942. Russian guns drawn by horses moves in Caucasia

December, 1942. Forlorn German POWs

November, 1942. Trying to live a normal life. Besieged people of Leningrad

October, 1942; Russians move in Stalingrad

October end, 1942. Fighting in Stalingrad

Mid December, 1942. Russian tighten the screws in Stalingrad

November end, 1942. Italian POW

December end, 1942. Russians capture a German airfield in Stalingrad

Fighting in a factory in Stalingrad