Russia In Second World War: 1944

February 1944: restoring a street light in Leningrad

April 1944; The rains bothered the Russians too!

July 17, 1944. German POW paraded through the streets of Moscow.

July 17, 1944. Cleaning the streets of Moscow after the parade of German POW

September 14, 1944. Russians reach the suburbs of Warsaw

October 1944: Russian and Polish soldiers share a smoke in a trench near Warsaw

November end, 1944: Russian tanks roll onto a street of a Romanian town

Mid December 1944: Russian troops move relentlessly towards Germany

December end 1944. Russians on the outskirts of the Hungarian capital, Budapest


This program covers the epic struggle and enormous loss of human life that occurred along Russia's eastern front during WW II. Follow the eventual defeat of the Nazis from Operation Barbarossa to the Russian's blood stained struggle on their way to Berlin. The events of Stalingrad, Kursk, and the cold winter that froze the Germans in their path are all covered, including previously unreleased footage.