Russia In Second World War: 1943

End January 1943; For this German the war is over

February 1943: After the Germans lost Stalingrad. A Russian directs traffic

Early February 1943: A haggard General Paulus and his aides surrender at Stalingrad

Mid February 1943: Kharkov liberation

March 1943: These Belarus guerrilla fighters are determined

March 1943: Rebuilding in besieged Leningrad

April 1943: Russian fighter grabs a German machine gun

July 1943: A Russian artillery booms

August 1943: Maxim gun in action!

October end 1943: Russian military engineers repair a rail track destroyed by the Germans

November 1943: Russians examine a German armored train they blasted

Russian women air force pilots before they go on a mission


This program covers the epic struggle and enormous loss of human life that occurred along Russia's eastern front during WW II. Follow the eventual defeat of the Nazis from Operation Barbarossa to the Russian's blood stained struggle on their way to Berlin. The events of Stalingrad, Kursk, and the cold winter that froze the Germans in their path are all covered, including previously unreleased footage.