Battle Of KURSK In Pictures: Part 4

The SS men after a massive Soviet artillery attack wait for the assault by the enemy
The Second World War was called a modern war. On the contrary horses are used her by the Soviet to tow guns to the front in Kursk
A German tank commander in the streets of Eagle watching through binoculars. Cities were unsuitable for tank battles, as they these were hunting grounds for snipers.
These Russian soldiers watch their comrades as they come in the enemy line of fire. It would be their turn next.
A SS soldier munches a sandwich, his MG 42 machine-gun and a grenade near at hand for immediate use
The SS man inserts the detonator into the anti-tank mine
Soviet soldiers move through a village liberated from the Germans
Russians re-construct a bridge destroyed by the enemy
Russian soldiers enjoy a quiet smoke. In the background is a destroyed Stug 3
Soviet soldiers cut through barbed wire
Preparing for the worst, the German pilots dig shelters on the airfield. By the end of 1943 the Luftwaffe lost the battle for air supremacy in the East.
German motor-cyclists watch a burning Russian town as they prepare to retreat
German losses were heavy. So younger and old men were recruited into the SS. This SS man is hardly into his manhood
The commanders of the German "Panther" surveys the landscape in the east, preparing to cover the retreating German rearguard.
The 'scorched earth policy' was used both by the Germans and Russian during WW2. Here the German soldiers burn a town before retreating
Dirty but cheerful these German soldiers emerge from a just concluded battle
This Russian officer socializes with the populace of a liberated town
An order from the Supreme Commander on August 5, 1943
German POW from the Battle of Kursk
This German shows best what most Germans felt after the Battle of Kursk
A triumphant Russian soldier
Monument to heroes of the Battle of Kursk. Yakovlev, Belgorod region