Battle Of Kursk In Pictures: Part 3

Tanks T-4 (PzKpfw IV) Division Totenkopf »(Totenkopf) on the way to the front. During the battle of Prokhorovka Totenkopf was initially held in reserve.
Even though they were particularly vulnerable to enemy fighters due to low speed, Stukas were successfully used for ground attack. It had 37-mm cannon under its wing.
Soviet artillery changes its position
A German machine-gunner uses the skeleton of the burnt truck as cover. In the background - lies a destroyed T-34, its tower hatches open.
A German tank crew hurriedly loads shells
A German soldier cautiously approaches the battle-field through the smoke as another provides cover with machine-gun fire.

The SS men anticipate another attack
A Russian T-34 tank immobilized in an anti-tank ditch dug by the Germans
A German Tiger tank leads the attack on Prokhorovka
SS men move to the battlefield
August 1943. A Soviet gun is moved to a new position
This German soldier snatches a nap using a German anti-tank mine as pillow
A Soviet soldier reads a letter from home much to the amusement of his comrades
Two German Panthers (PzKpfw V) destroyed by Russians
The two German soldiers pose against a destroyed Russian heavy tank KV 1S. It was hit by German planes

The Russians counter-attacked after the Germans got exhausted
Final preparations for an offensive in the north. The hoses were connected to the main pipeline to fill the tanks of tanks and spare barrels of fuel.
In the south, Soviet troops continued their stubborn resistance to the German offensive. In the north the situation is tense - the Russians began to counterattack in the direction of Orel salient.
Men of the 5th Guards Stalingrad Panzer Corps attack the enemy. Voronezh Front, August 1943
The young German tank commander sees the battlefield through a periscope
The Germans wait for a Soviet attack
Ignoring the shells bursting all around, Soviet soldiers focused on their task - maintenance and support of tanks.
Germans watch the effect their artillery fire has on Soviet positions