Second Anglo-Burmese War Elephant brigade, at Moulmein. Wood engraved print, 1853

Army Elephants at mess. Second Anglo-Afghan War. Wood engraved print, 1879

Searching for rebel Santhals. Wood engraving, 1856.

Army Elephants of India 1901

Army Elephant battery on the march. Wood engraved print, 1860

Army Elephants washing. Wood engraved print, 1858 Indian MUTINY

Army Elephant Camp, Raneegunge. Wood engraved print, 1858 Indian Conflict

Battle Formation, Battle of Plassey June 23, 1757

Richard Caton Woodville etching for the Illustrated London News, 1893

Peter Dennis illustrations for Osprey book "War Elephants". Mogul Elephants pictured above.

Robert Clive and Mir Jafar after the Battle of Plassey, 1757, by Francis Hayman