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Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor Begins

doctor conrad murray



They called him The Man Who Killed Elvis. the star's doctor


Laurie Falkenburg: After years of blaming Dr. Nick for Elvis' death I decided to read his book. I was skeptical to say the least but I must admit it was a great read. I still remember Geraldo's stunning interview. I thought even back then that it was unfair and I was only 11. I wonder though were Geraldo's expose on Michael Jackson is. He made Elvis out to be a pill popping drugged up junkie and Dr. Nick as his pusher. It makes me sick to know that it wasn't true and that the truth will not be known by the rest of the world because so much time has passed. I do believe what Dr. Nick says because listening to Elvis even at the later part of his life his voice was still remarkable. It wouldn't have been if he was taking the number of pills that was said. I wish people would read this or that somehow a new documentary would be done. I think the truth needs to be disclosed. Elvis was in a great deal of pain and that needs to be told. He was the best and I think he will always be. Thanks Dr. Nick for telling your story and showing the side of Elvis that rarely get told. I am tired of the 'fat' jokes, he wasn't even that heavy