India's only active volcano - Barren Island

                                                           Barren Volcano Eruption

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Barren Island is circular (10 sq km) and consists of a 1.6 km wide somma and a central cone. Barren volcano consists of a caldera open towards the west and a central cinder cone. Two spatter cones the south-eastern and western flanks of the cinder cone formed during the 1994-95 eruption.
Pre-caldera activity consists of five lava flows separated by scoria fall beds and minor ash tuff and cinder deposits. Steam vents are visible within the 1995 lava flows.
2005-2008 Eruptions
An eruption began on 28th May 2005. An ash plume was erupted from a vent on the W side of the summit. Lava flows were produced. The eruption may have been precipitated by the great Sumatra earthquake in December 2004. Continued ash emissions have been reported between 2005 and 2008.
1994-1995 Eruption
An eruption began at Barren Island volcano on 20th December 1994. In January 1995, Strombolian eruptions were reported, and lava flowed 1.5 km from the active vents into the sea. On 8th March 1995, phreatomagmatic eruptions occurred. On 11th May 1995 fire fountains from the central vent rose to a height of 150 m. Explosive activity in the crater finished by 1st July 1995.
1991 Eruption
Explosions and lava flows occurred at Barren Island volcano in April 1991. Lava flowed from a vent on the NE face of the central volcanic cone. Explosions at the vent occurred at intervals of several seconds, ejecting bombs, lapilli, and ash up to 50 m high.

                                              Barren Volcano Erruption

                                           BARREN VOLCANO ERUPTION