Advertisement for Cadbury's Cocoa. Note the Chemist using Microscope on the desk. [In 1824, John Cadbury began vending tea, coffee, and (later) chocolate at Bull Street in Birmingham in the UK and sometimes in India. The company was later known as "Cadbury Brothers Limited". After John Cadbury's retirement, his sons, Richard and George, opened a major new factory at Bournville, five miles south of the city. In 1893, George Cadbury bought 120 acres (0.5 km²) of land close to the works and planned, at his own expense, a model village which would 'alleviate the evils of modern more cramped living conditions'. By 1900 the estate included 313 cottages and houses set on 330 acres (1.3 km²) of land. As the Cadbury family were Quakers there were no Public houses in the estate; in fact, it was their Quaker beliefs that first led them to sell tea, coffee and cocoa as alternatives to alcohol. After World War I, Cadbury Brothers Limited undertook a financial merger with J. S. Fry & Sons Limited, another chocolate manufacturer. Wikipedia]