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About this sound[1] Lebensraum  (German for "habitat" or literally "living space") was one of the major political ideas of Adolf Hitler, and an important component of Nazi ideology. It served as the motivation for the expansionist policies of Nazi Germany, aiming to provide extra space for the growth of the German population, for a Greater Germany. In Hitler's book Mein Kampf, he detailed his belief that the German people needed Lebensraum ("living space", i.e. land and raw materials), and that it should be found in the East. It was the stated policy of the Nazis to kill, deport, or enslave the Polish, Russian and otherSlavic populations, whom they considered inferior, and to repopulate the land with Germanic peoples. The entire urban population was to be exterminated by starvation, thus creating an agricultural surplus to feed Germany 
[2]The Land of the Settlers Operation Yiftah

According to Arab historian Walid Khalidi, the objective of this operation, under the command of Yigal Allon, was to clear upper Galilee of its Arab population.[36]The operation log book, 4 May 1948, states "blow up the houses and burn all the bedouin tents.  (another lebensraum:-?)

is a five part documentary series created by Chaim Yavin,With a handheld camera, Yavin traveled throughout his homeland of Israel and interviewed a range of Palestinians and Israelis in order to document theIsraeli-Palestinian conflict"The message of the series was," Yavin explains, "If we want peace, we have to dismantle the settlements.hinting at a strange role reversal of the Jewish population since the Second World War. There's hate on both sides, but Y These films were made with his hope to inspire moral change in his countrymen. “I cannot really do anything to relieve this misery other than to document it,” Yavin says, “so that neither I nor those like me will be able to say that we saw nothing, heard nothing, knew nothing.”avin's documentary asks to what extent have the oppressed become the oppressors.
The ongoing settlement construction by Israel is frequently criticized as an obstacle to the peace process by third parties including the United Kingdom,[15] the European Union,[16] the United Nations[17] and the United States.The International Court of Justice concluded that Israel had breached its obligations under international law by establishing settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem
B'Tselem (Hebrewבצלם‎, "in the image of", as in Genesis 1:27) is an Israeli non-governmental organization (NGO). It calls itself "The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories; has highlighted the impact on Palestinian freedom of movement due to Israeli travel restrictions. The United Nations says that Israeli security forces fail to intervene in settler attacks and arrest settlers suspected of violence.[95] Haaretz has stated "Israeli society has become accustomed to giving lawbreaking settlers special treatment", noting that no other group could similarly attack Israeli law enforcement agencies without being severely punishedPresident Jimmy Carter insisted that the settlements were illegal and unwise tacticallyPresident Ronald Reagan stated that they were legal, though he considered them an obstacle to negotiations In 1991 there was a clash between the Bush administration and Israel with the establishment of settlements for instance in the Jerusalem-Bethlehem corridor.Israel, however, sees the current "Green Line" as unacceptable from a security standpoint - Israel would have at some points no more than 17 kilometers from the border to the seaIsraeli defense Minister Ehud Barak has approved a plan that would require security commitments in exchange for a withdraw from the West Bank.[136] Barak has also expressed readiness to cede parts of East Jerusalem to the Palestinians and put the holy sites in the city under a "special regime".[137]
{Begin took Saddam Hussein's anti-Zionist threats very seriously and therefore took aim at Iraq. Israel attempted to negotiate with France so as not to provide Iraq with the nuclear reactor named Osirak or Tammuz 1, but to no avail. On June 7, 1981, Begin ordered the bombing and destruction of Osirak by the Israeli Air Force in a successful long-range operation called Operation Opera. Soon after, Begin enunciated what came to be known as the Begin doctrine: "On no account shall we permit an enemy to develop weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against the people of Israel."}

when will the 'Begin doctrine' to be 'USED AGAINST IRAN?
 will the 'Begin doctrine be USED AGAINST PAKISTAN-?