weighted thoughts on loosing weight

A few observations and advice to overweight people
(1)get a medical assesment of the overweight problem this must include>familial tendency to put on weight,rare genetic defects,congenital malformations,hormonal assesment,organ function analysis of pancreas,liver,kidney,digestive tract,and ciculatory system deficiencies
 (2) a diet sheet prepared as per medical assessment
(3)look at nature and learn that other living things dont eat oil except humanbeings
(4) no fat.just 5000 years ago when we were in caves and up in trees hunting and gathering where was the fat food except a little along with meat so no fat.
(5)noliving beings in nature add salt to food except we .so no salt or just a little.
(6) vitamins and minerals as per need and medical advice
(7)protein and carbohydrates as per medical/ diet sheet
(8)dont gulp food .chew slow,dont take first helping toomuch,always keep a mental note or mental counter about food you eat ,if you feel like having second helping just get up and walk away go read talk etc to divert urge for food,drink 1 or 2 glasses of cold water before food to make appetite less and during food to keep stomach full,eat vegetables with very little calories or no calory to fill up stomach .Eat plenty of such vegetables every meal,egg without yellow is allowed.avoid red meat.leean fish is good,still if you are overweight make less appetizing food >>witout salt,without condiments