Romeo and Juliet VS Honour killing in PUNJAB/HARYANA FOR same gotra marriage BY khap panjayats

Romeo was a Montague, Juliet was a Capulet.
 Never mind that the pair of star-crossed lovers came from the same small town in Italy – Verona – this was never going to work. And lo, it didn't. In the end, they were together only in death.

Justice of Khap Panchayats on within same gotra/village marriages, how far good/fair?in india

Jat Customs:
In order to avoid the second cousin marriages, was  drafted the rule of marriages in community called lineage exclusion rule (called as gotra exclusion rule). Earlier it was strictly a lineage exclusion rule as we used to have closed paternal relations within the same gotra, closed maternal relations within the mother's and grandmother's gotra. It was drafted to avoid the second cousin marriages in the community.

Over the times the community grew, so did the gotras. But more worryingly, we forgot about the core issue and associated it with shallow honour, as we grew treating girl as inferior in the society and girls' family as inferior to boys' family in marriage functions. This has lead us to current problem, where we don't know if the issue is genetic or honour issue.

Khap panchayat directs couple to annul marriageMarch 2nd, 2010 

On Feb 27 the panchayat gave Randhir Singh Megha an ultimatum to leave the village by Tuesday as his son Sribhagwan Megha had married Anita Phougat, who was from the same ‘gotra’ (clan).

Haryana run-away couple gets security cover in Chandigarh
Chandigarh, April 8 (IANS) A run-away couple, who married April 5 after eloping from their homes in a Haryana village, were given security cover on orders of the district court Thursday, after they alleged a threat to their lives from their families as they belonged to the same gotra (sub-caste).
According to police, Bharat Bhushan and Sonia Saini, residents of Sivan village in Kaithal district, appeared before the District and Sessions Judge S.K. Goel and appealed for security.

Honour killing in Punjab

Romeo and Juliet - Sacrifice