The word itself comes from the Latin "immolare", to sprinkle with meal, in reference to the ritual sprinkling of the heads of sacrificial victims with wine and fragments of MOLA SALSA
Accounts of self-inflicted death by fire are numerous and are found from antiquity to present times
Seventy-one per cent of these reported suicides occurred during the most recent decade, 1963 to 1972, with all cases of political self-incineration occurring during this period

IN INDIA:Self-immolation was tolerated in sati
                                             RANI SATI TEMPLE IN JHUNJUNU RAJASTAN
(wife burning herself on husband's death pyre)also
                                                                      painting of sati
 Rajputs when defeated by muslim invaders did mass suicide at Rajastan's forts in 12th and 14 th century

 was originally the voluntary death on a funeral pyre of the queens and royal womenfolk of defeated Rajput kingdoms. The term is extended to describe the occasional practice of mass suicide carried out in medieval times by Rajput women and men. This was usually done before or at the same time their husbands, brothers, fathers and sons rode out in a charge to meet their attackers and certain death. The upset caused by the knowledge that their women and younger children were dead, no doubt filled them with rage in this fight to the death called saka.

in Russia:During the Great schism of the Russian church in 1650's
, entire villages of old believers burned themselves to death in an act known as fire baptismthe so-called ognenniye kreshcheniya (огненные крещения)

A number of Buddhist monks  immolated themselves in protest
of the discriminatory treatment endured by Buddhists under the Roman Catholic administration of President NGO DINH DIEM IN 1960'SThe practice is also called bonzo because buddist monks immolated themselves in protest of the vietnamese  regime in 1963. It was Western media coverage of the fiery Vietnamese suicides that introduced the word "self-immolation" to a wide English-speaking audience and gave it a strong association with fire.

1970's:- saw a lot of self immolation suicides all over the world for different political and social reasons

Suicide as a Weapon:-

The topic of suicide terrorism takes us right to the heart of the dilemmas of the 21st century. This type of attack has become the weapon of choice of ‘globalized terror’
(1)kamikaze air attacks by Japan in WW2

                                                            japanese suicide air plane WW2
                                   Japanese suicide rocket planes

                                   HMSvictorius burning after kamikaze plane attack

                                            USS colombia under suicide attack by Japanese
                                   USS lousiville burning after kamikaze attck ;&ships guns's fire puffs

Today, the most common suicide weapons are antipersonnel bombs carried by a single person. Such bombs are typically used to carry out terrorist attacks (suicide bombings are less common, although not unknown, in conventional warfare). suicide bombers strap explosives (often covered with nails, screws, or other items intended to act as fragments to their bodies  or otherwise carry them into populated areas and detonate them.

 The Tamil tigers of Srilanka invented and refined this method [LTTE]
, which was adopted by (among others) palestinian terrorists and now by others

                                                   SUICIDE BOMBING OF BUS BY LTTE

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